Service & Referral Management Solution For Social Determinants Of Health

Better managing social determinants have a 4X greater impact on an individual's health than conventional care.  However, care coordinators and social workers continue to struggle with labor-intensive, manual processes to address patient needs and connect them with the right community-based services such as home care, housing, meals and transportation.  This has resulted in higher staff workloads, higher readmission risk, delayed hospital discharges (increased length-of-stay) and most importantly, frustrated patients.

LivWell Health’s offers a modular suite of workflow-optimized solutions designed specifically for care coordinators to identify health-determinants and connect their patient needs with the appropriate community service providers in real-time.  The results?  Up to a 2X improvement in staff productivity, more timely referrals and better patient satisfaction.   


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Referral Management: How We Work

LivWell Pre-Authorization Module (Click on image to enlarge)

Pre-Authorization Module Helps You Allocate and Track Service Utilization

  • Care coordinators and case managers can pre-authorize a set number of service units based on patient needs

  • Rules-based analytics keep track of authorized services, proactively notifying care teams before exceeding thresholds

  • Detailed reporting and analytics for real-time insight into a variety of metrics, including services utilization, service level response time and patient satisfaction scores

"Star-Ratings" Help You Quickly Select The Right Community Resource For Your Patients

  • Let us help you develop and manage your preferred list of community resources and contracted-providers
  • Quickly narrow the referral list by program-, service- or location-type; member eligibility and "Star-ratings"
  • Survey patients after service delivery.  Integrated rules-engine notifies member services to intervene as needed 
  • Better manage your referral network with advanced transparency tools
Star Ratings.jpg

LivWell Health Referral Module (click to enlarge)

Advanced, Multi-Party Service Referrals Designed To Reduce Your Work And Improve Response Times

  • Combine multiple tasks into one by selecting up to 3 community providers and choosing either Broadcast (up to 3 at once) or Serial (time-delayed) referral modes
  • The LivWell system 'awards' the community provider that respond first, increasing competition to improve response times
  • Configurable workflow automation tools offer the flexibility of automating service authorizations, service reminders and post-event satisfaction surveys 

Optimized For A Mobile-Based World 

  • Field-based care managers can securely access the community registry and manage patient referrals
  • Community service providers can respond to referrals, document notes & upload photos ‘on-the-go’
  • Rules-based notifications (text, email, portal)

Analytics Dashboard

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting Tools To Advance Your Community Health Program

  • Configurable dashboards to manage service providers, member utilization and satisfaction

  • Secure, roles-based administration to manage assigned patients, referrals & service providers

  • Real time reporting with configurable dashboards and data export capabilities (excel, CSV files)

  • Integration-ready (REST-API) and native single-sign-on (SSO) capabilities to reduce duplicate entry


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