How Much Does Elderly Home Care Cost

It is often necessary for elders to seek assistance in old age for day to day activities. Most of the time there is family to lend a hand, but sometimes there are times when the dear ones are not available.

Then, home care services are the safest choice. This is not only for the security of the elders but also the concerned family who wants the best care and support for their parents.

Assistance can mean different things, depending on the level of need for help, the elders can get help at home itself or at a nursing home care or at a day care. Once you know what requirements are needed for the care you can choose from the best options available.

1. Home Care Services

When the elders want to stay home at their comfort and need assistance for everyday activities and health care services, public funded health care services are the most convenient option.

The services include:

  • Personal assistance for activities like food preparation, help in eating, toilet aid, laundry, and house cleaning, help with medical appointments.
  • Care For medicines, change of injury dressings, assistance in handling of medical equipment and so on.
  • Education and monitoring of personal food choices and making changes to the meals accordingly. In addition to that, they advise on supplements if necessary.
  • Assistance in injury recovery, help with a certain disability, or to advice on prevention of injuries in the future.
  • Help with mental health issues, conflicts with families and resolving them.

Most of the services are funded by the government if you are eligible, but if you need a personal support worker it might charge extra and ought to be purchased from our own pocket.

Basically, home care services are for people of all ages who require support and assistance. As mentioned above, they are funded by government and the services are free to an extent only if you qualify for them. Every province or country has their own rules about free health services and the funding depends on those regulations.

Local governments and health officials usually monitor and coordinate with eligible people and connect with them about the services.

What is the cost and who pays for it?

  • Public funded:

Most of the services are funded by government if the are provincial or centrally operated homes. Personal assistance might require any extra payment.

  • Private care:

They charge for all the services. It is up to the person who pays to plan on the type of care center.

If the elder has significant amount of money as savings, they can pay for themselves or their family could create a care plan after carefully considering different options.

If the elder has insurance coverage, it can help to cover some of the costs of home care centers.

If the senior has a share in their house as a property, it can be uses as a source of funds to pay for most of the services.

2. Nursing Home Care:

There comes a time when the elderly needs medical support outside of the comfort of  home. It is not possible to get monitored for health at house in such circumstances. For example, after a surgery or when there is a sudden deterioration in health, there is a need for higher level of medical attention. In conditions like these, the equipment necessary to observe the patient is available either in hospitals or nursing homes.

Nursing home care

What Numbers to Expect When Paying for a Nursing Home Care?

Whether it is a temporary or a permanent thing, moving to a nursing care means spending a lot of money. It is important to consider different financing options to avoid chaos over the decision.

Here the cost of nursing homes mainly depends on several factors like the type of care you need at the nursing home, the kind of room you want and such.

Per day the cost can vary from 200 to 250 dollars on an average and it costs around 5000 dollars to 7000 dollars per month. This is just a ballpark and each nursing home charges differently. The price may go up if you need more privacy and extra care.

The costs are explained below in much detail:

Most important factors that decide costs of nursing care are

  • The duration of your accommodation
  • If the nursing services required for the elder are because of a surgery or a temporary illness, then the cost is limited to the stay.
  • The average pay rate of short duration is 40 dollars per day.

If the stay duration is for a long duration the rate varies from 60 dollars to 90 dollars based on the room occupancy, the most private being highest.

  • The type of services offered
  • Basic nursing services like processing medicines to the patient, counselling, wound dressing can cost considerably low.
  • Elders with Parkinson’s diseases, Alzheimer’s, stroke, mental health issues might need more medical attention and for a longer period which might cost more.

3. Senior Day Care:

Adult day care centers are a professional environment where the seniors get personalized care in selective services. They include social and cognitive stimulation, medical or therapeutic attention and other health services.

senior day care

These adult day care centers differ from other home services as in they operate during day hours from Monday to Friday and some weekends. They give the advantage of engaging the seniors during the day and reminiscing the comfort of you own home at night.

When, Why and Who Can Opt for Day Care Centers?

  • Day care centers prove helpful when the seniors need help in structuring day to day activities
  • The day care centers have other elderly which serves as a social setting for them.
  • This proves helpful when the family who takes care of the seniors are away during the day and the elders cannot be left alone at home.
  • The services can be customized according to the need of the seniors. More prominence can be given to medical care if the elderly has any diagnosis and monitored accordingly while sidelining the other services.
  • If the entire intent of coming to the day care was to interact with people, then the day is planned with activities related to socializing.
  • The services are structured based on the need of the hour.

What Else to Look For in an Adult Day Care?

When the decision to get into an adult day care has been made, we should try and research as much as possible to find the best one for our loved ones. In addition to the major services offered, there are a few things which can make or break the deal.

  • It could be valuable if you found out about the source of funds for the day care and the level of recognition it has. After all it is the safety of our family.
  • Is the center fully equipped to maintain the seniors? Is the environment risk free? does it have accessibility to all kinds of wheelchairs, rollators, or other mobility gear that seniors use?
  • It is furthermore important to know the hours of operation and if they suit the loved ones and their family.
  • Are there enough people to look after each senior and what is the percentage of helpers there? Are they friendly with everyone?
  • Will the food be included in the package? If your loved ones are allergic or biased towards certain types of food, will that be arranged accordingly?

If it is possible to have a direct visit and meet the caregivers, that could be more helpful to understand the process of the system. Having said that about different options to stay, there are few other factors which add to the cost of living for seniors.

  • Certain localities have higher living costs than other, and this applies to the care centers as well. If you would like to stay in any major city then it might cost around 4000 dollars, whereas it can go as low as 2000 dollars where the real estate is cheaper.
  • We only want the best care for our elders and to get into the finest care centers there could be a large demand. There might be waiting time to get into such centers.
  • Finance is the determining factor when it comes to the best care and a little bit of research into government funding options can go a long way.

A Typical Senior Cost Can Include

Groceries, dining, beverages which cost approximately 1500 dollars combined where as taxes, insurances, cost around 800 dollars, 100 dollars for house upkeep and around 100 to 200 for medicines. Other miscellaneous costs include shopping, entertainment which add up to 400 dollars.

Overall, it could cost around 3500 dollars to 4500 dollars excluding rent if you are paying any.

If you decide to move to a care center, most of the services are already in the package and there is an additional monitoring of health and company. Comparing different scenarios can give a clear picture as what to expect.