Christmas Gifts For Nursing Home Staff

Nurses are some of the most hard-working professionals you’ll ever meet. Being a nurse calls for a high level of empathy and compassion, but their hard work and sacrifice often go without the deserved appreciation.

A day in a nurse’s life can be demanding both physically and mentally under normal circumstances, and the COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to the physical and emotional toll that healthcare workers go through in their job.

Healthcare professionals are putting themselves at risk on a daily basis to take care of people, and nursing home staff face a lot of challenges in caring for each and every nursing home resident.

Whether you’re a patient, a family member of a patient or you know a nurse personally, there’s no better time to show your appreciation for the work that they do than now.

Of course, you may never be able to fully repay the care and service provided to your loved one by nursing staff in the assisted living facility, but Christmas is a time of good cheer and we are here to give you a list of Christmas gift ideas that may help the caregivers in your life feel recognized, appreciated, and pampered.

1. A Vacuum Flask

Staying hydrated is a must, and for the hard-working nurses who might not have a fancy kitchen filled with snacks and drinks like your average corporate office, a vacuum flask/ water bottle, designed to keep drinks ice cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours, can be a great present.

2. An Instant Pot

We understand that someone who’s on their feet all day long will naturally just lounge around after reaching home. Let’s make the nursing staff’s life easier by gifting her an instant pot that cuts down on cooking time and is versatile enough to create a variety of dishes.

3. Overnight Face Masks

Okay, so the year 2020 has enlightened you to the acute discomforts and stress on your face and skin after long hours of wearing protective gear. You’ve also been seeing many healthcare professionals on social media, with painful bruising and sores on their faces. These healthcare professionals could do with a soothing face mask that can be left overnight.

facial mask

For people who have to wear a tight-fitting mask all day, a bit of pampering for their facial skin is in order. As a thoughtful gift, you could get them a thoroughly moisturizing face mask that can be left on overnight. A mask can certainly help relieve some of that discomfort caused by tight-fitting protective gear.

4. A Pair Of Comfortable Shoes

When you are on your feet all day long, comfortable, supportive shoes are an absolute necessity for nurses. Pick up the best shoes of the season to gift your favorite nursing staff an amazing Christmas gift. You can even add a pair of orthotics if required so that he/she can have the most comfortable experience, walking in those shoes.

5. A Tote Bag

Tote bags are affordable and functional, people can always use an extra one, and – when the right bag is chosen – they serve as a great way of showing you truly ‘get’ someone and their personality.

Also, if you have the budget for two gifts, a great tote can also double as a gift bag; you can simply give the present in the tote bag itself.

6. A Pair Of Warm Compression Socks

Nursing home staff are on their feet all day; there’s a lot of hurrying up and down and the constant physical exertion does take a toll on one’s feet.

Enter a pair of compression socks-these help maintain blood flow and keep discomfort and swelling to a minimum. We suggest that you look up online reviews to find the highest rating compression socks available and buy a few pairs for the essential workers in the assisted living center.

7. A Cozy Weighted Blanket

You already know the physical exertion required of a nurse, and if that wasn’t enough, all the extra shifts and working nights are stressful. They are often sleep-deprived, and as it is Christmas, how about getting them a weighted blanket for the cold winter nights? You don’t have to take our word for it; there’s plenty of research that suggests that weighted blankets decrease cortisol (the stress hormone) and increase melatonin to help promote a more relaxing and fulfilling night of sleep.

So go ahead and gift your favorite nursing staff a weighted blanket this Christmas.

8. Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Cream

Think of all the constant cleansing with chemical-laden soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfectants that a nursing home staff goes through every single day.

hand cream

An ultra-rich hand cream that gets to work on dry, cracked, or peeling skin would make a marvelous gift idea for a caregiver. If you know the person well enough to understand their scent preferences, you could go for a hand cream that has their favorite scent. After a day filled with chemical smells, who wouldn’t appreciate a soothing aroma!

9. An Essential Oil Diffuser

Working in a hospital can be chaotic and hectic, so it’s always a great idea to help nurses create a peaceful and relaxing environment at home. They can use the diffuser to spread the scent of their favorite essential oils, creating a soothing experience after the tiring work.

10. Scrubs

Okay, so we are yet to come across a nurse who says ” I don’t need any more scrubs”! A well-fitting scrubs can make a thoughtful gift this Christmas. You can choose from a variety of styles. And if you don’t know a nurse to personally gift, you can get a gift card from the store to deliver a new pair to your healthcare professional.

11. Cute And Functional Headband With Buttons

Okay, so whoever thought of this idea must be a genius! By wearing a headband that has a button sewn on its side(near the ears) the nurse can loop her mask onto the buttons, thus relieving the pain and swelling behind the ears from wearing the mask for long hours.

With a headband with buttons, the nurse can keep her hair away from her face, at the same use the buttons to attach their masks in place.

12. A Smart Watch

You’ve seen that most nurses are in a hurry, rushing from one patient to the other as most assisted living centers are understaffed. Time management is a huge part of being a good nurse, so watches are a perfect gift. A smart watch is practical and stylish; a great option since they can set timers and alarms, and also get important notifications without having to always check their phone.

13. Starbucks Gift Card

A cup of jo is what get many of us out of the bed every morning and we imagine that for nurses who are looking at a hectic day need the fuel to recharge and take on the day’s challenges! A Starbucks gift card might seem like a simple gift, but it’s one that will definitely be appreciated.

14. A Pain-relieving Massager

Nursing staff in a long term care facility spend the majority of their day running from one patient to the other, addressing their needs and concerns, alleviating their fears and pains.


A full shift is tiring and by the end of the day, most nurses complain about leg, feet, and body aches. This Christmas, you can gift them a massager that uses deep tissue percussive therapy to help alleviate pain and speed up recovery. 

Well, to sum it up, there’s no time like Christmas to show your appreciation and gratitude for the nursing staff who got your loved one through many fears and pains in the assisted living center and we believe that these gift ideas will certainly put the brightest of smiles on a nurse’s face!

Do let us know which of the above ideas appealed to you the most.