Best Free Game Apps For Seniors

Meta: Games can help reduce the cognitive damage inflicted by old age. The best free game apps for seniors below will help your loved ones stay mentally sharp. 

Have you ever wondered why seniors have low cognitive health when compared to youth? The first thing you must know is how aging affects the brain of seniors. An easy and great way to enhance seniors’ cognitive health is to indulge them in online gaming. 

Age is just a number; even seniors can play online games; people above 65 years go online to find games no matter if they have IOS or android; there are boundless games available online for seniors. 

Seniors can also take advantage of online games to promote their cognitive health. Usually, many seniors tend to have memory issues, which is a common problem among seniors. If you are the one who wants to exercise your brain to fight against the aging process of the brain, online games are easily accessible. 

Numerous online games are fun to play and also helps in the stimulation of the brain cells. You must know all such games helps in enhancing the brain health of seniors. 

Many seniors are playing online games every day, and even many can play regularly. Online games such as crosswords, puzzles, etc., come under the category of brain games. 

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An older needs access to technology to promote their brain health with the help of online games. 

It has become easy to play online games either on smartphones or tablets. A senior must choose a game that is challenging but not so difficult. One should always start with the beginner level and then gradually move to advanced levels. It is not advisable to start with an advanced level. 

An older must start playing games that excite them and avoid the ones which do not interest them. 

15 Best Free Game Apps for Seniors

The below article has created a lineup of the 15 best free game apps for seniors. 

#1 Tetris 

If you want to play online with your Facebook friends, this is a perfect online game. Challenge your Facebook friends easily to play this game with you and even share your statistics among your friends. 

It is a restored version of old Tetris that comes with unique features and bright colored blocks. If you have ever played a brick game, this game brings a remarkable memory of your young time. 

group of senior using laptop happily

There are different levels of the game; also, there are three sections of the game where you may have to purchase the sections from the play store when needed. The game’s motive is to clear the play area with each block’s orientation by solving them horizontally.

Due to its impact on cognitive skills and spatial reasoning, along with bright colors and sounds, Tetris is, without doubt, one of the best free game apps for seniors.

#2 Hexa Puzzle 

It is a popular block game, straightforward to play. This game is popular among children and seniors, as it does not need any skills or difficulties to play. For seniors, it is a great game to play in their leisure time. It features zesty graphics and great-sounding effects. The manufacturer of Hexa puzzles provides superb optimization. 

This game is effortless, which you can easily download from the play store or Itunes. The player will find 300 unique puzzles and different levels, and the player has to place or fit all the blocks into one frame. 

group of senior playing cards

The best part is there is no time triggering in this game. The game is all about recognizing and collecting all the blocks under the frame. 

Hexa requires medium-level logical and cognitive skills, which is why this is our second choice in this list of the best free game apps for seniors.

#3 Chess 

So here is a mind-stimulating game for older people, chess. It is a most loved game by many seniors and a well-renowned game among all age groups. This game can take an hour or few minutes, or challenging or accessible, and it offers different variations to players every time they play. 

Seniors find it a social game, and they can easily play with either experts or beginners, as per their choice. The game involves many strategies that allow men to use their brains in critical thinking. This game stimulates all parts of the brain. 

For generations, chess has been considered the game of the wise. The online version is no less challenging or entertaining. It is undoubtedly one of the best free game apps for seniors.

#4 Solitaire 

If you love playing cards, then this online version of cards will excite and never disappoint you at any time. And what you will love about the game is, it does not require your fat fingers; it requires simple drag and drop gestures, you can easily play the game. 

As you will find many card shark games online, this game is special and unique as it does not eat your memory, unlike other full graphics games. 

two senior playing chess outdoor

It is one of the legendary games loved by seniors. Solitaire is a well-optimized and user-friendly game with an easy download feature. 

#5 Quell + 

Is solving puzzles your cup of tea? If yes, then nothing is better than Quell +. This game will gradually become an addiction for people who love puzzles. It is an excellent game for seniors who want to have active cognitive health. 

Quell+ is a brain warming game; there is a scrappy tableau in the game where the player needs to hold the key to solve the puzzle. The enhanced levels of the games challenge your curiosity and intellectual prowess. Graphics make the game more interesting.

#6 Cascade 

Another popular game that tests seniors’ cognitive health is Cascade. This game requires quick cognition; that is, it is considered famous for brain health. However, there is no strategy involved to play the game, but it focuses on a visual workout. 

The game is easy to play, and the player only needs to gather the points and match the gems to reach the level. In the latest Cascade version, you will get excellent boosters and shuffling of jewels, making it more interesting to connect the gems. 

senior out on the beach

The nice part about the game is, you can play with your social media friends, join the fun with Facebook, and beat your friends. 

#7 Triple Town 

If you were a cook in your younger days or loved cooking, this is a game for you. There is no doubt that one can see your cooking skills in this game. You have to make a town with your cooking skills. What happens in the game is this: all you have to do is find ingredients to make a town and six grids. It is a simple game. 

There is a simple formula of the game, gather lower elements to create a higher material. For example, if you have five grass tiles, collect them to make a bush, and just like this, you can gather small materials to make a significant item of the town. 

#8 Cribbage 

It is another online card game, one of the perfect and straightforward games for card lovers. The rules to play the game are simple, just like solitaire or other card games. The competition promotes brain health, and it allows the player to challenge artificial intelligence and helps build the strategies in a better way. 

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The games feature customizable pegs, cards, drops, and backgrounds. Another sterling feature of Cribbage is automatic counting of cards, selection of levels, and more. Also, they will get hints in case of breakdown. 

#9 Monopoly 

If you are a businessman and want to reminisce about your business’s memory, nothing is better than Monopoly. Now you can do your business without any investment and with full of fun; download Monopoly online. 

The game starts when you will roll the dice, and there your luck goes on. It is the best strategic game that includes management strategies. The game comes as a real-time interface with 3D Graphics. 

You can play this game as a single-player or multiplayer as per your choice. 

#10 Bejeweled Classic 

While looking for fun and a simple online game, it is a great option. If you have ever played candy crush, then this game will not be challenging for you. If you are a newbie, it will be a great start to match colors. 

Bejeweled Classic is a color matching game where a player has to find the matching gem and swipe the selected gems to adjacent rocks. There is a great gaming experience, as it comes with amazing and unique rewards. 

senior couple playing jengga

Although the game graphics are a bit low as per the latest technology, the game will not disappoint seniors. 

#11 Peggle Blast 

Peggle blast is all about shooting; it has graphics and fantastic themes. The game tests your luck and scheme that excites seniors. Every moment of the game is nothing less than joy and fun. The player has to pop orange pegs to start with the game. 

After the free session of play, there is an app in purchase for advanced levels, but spending some money for such fun is never a waste. With advanced levels, the games get more challenging. 

#12 Angry Birds 

Angry Birds is a popular game among seniors and youngsters, it is a fun game, but at the same time, it looks silly. It is nonetheless a puzzle game, but it is considered a great online game for seniors due to its graphics and user-friendly interface. 

The game is all about shooting the birds with the help of a slingshot to break some structures. Regardless of android or apple phone, it is free and easy to start with. There are many versions of angry birds; among all, Angry Birds 2 is a great option to begin the game. Angry Birds Friends offers excellent social connection. 

However, it has similar ideas to other versions. The Angry Birds Friends allows you to play with your social circle through Facebook and is a great way to connect with your people remotely. Different great versions of Angry Birds are Angry Birds Evolution and Angry Birds Dream Blast. 

The Evolution version is all about RPG Style games, and the Dream Blast is a bubble popping game. All of the versions are suitable for seniors; they are easy to play and considered the best time pass game. 

#13 Farmville 2 

For a long time, Farmville has had a great audience, primarily through social media like Facebook. The game requires strategies, planning and analyzing, that eventually promote players’ cognitive health, so it is considered suitable for seniors. 

Many seniors love this game as it requires reading and thinking; it is an excellent remedy for boredom. Although it is not a simple game, it is more exciting and appealing than other online free games. 

Additionally, the game comes with a social element, where your friends can join you to play the game, your social friends can help you in the game and even chat with you. Another great version of this game is Farmville 2: Tropic Escape; it has an Island theme with the same features and graphics. 

#14 Garden Escapes

It is one of the matching games; the game manufacturer also offers similar games like Wildscapes and Homescapes. All 3 Match games happen when there are gem boards, where the player has to move the pieces to make the match of three or more gems. 

The game has specific goals, like either clear the green tiles or collect a certain amount of tiles for the floor. The game excites seniors, as it includes decorating the garden and landscaping. It is like a candy crush series, among three match games. 

#15 Wordscapes 

It is a fun game for people who love word puzzles. The standard version of the game is available on Android and IOS stores. The same manufacturer also has similar games like Word Flower and Word Vista. 

The main game is when you get a circle of letters, and a player needs to find the words out of those letters. The initial stage is easy; but the game starts getting more brutal as the level increases. 

Many game features make it exciting, like hint features, daily puzzles, and social impact. Another best part is its large screen for tablets, ideal for seniors with eyesight issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the best games for seniors

The three best game apps for seniors are Tetris, Hexa Puzzle, and Chess. Each of these games helps in enhancing cognitive thinking, logical reasoning and keep your loved ones engaged for a long time.

Q. What are good strategy games for seniors

From among our lineup, Chess, Monopoly, Triple Town and Farmville are the best strategy games for seniors. Angry birds 2 also requires a bit of strategic play.

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Q. How can I make my iPhone easier for seniors

There are two problems that most seniors face with iphones – small icons and small text.

To increase the size of the icons and the text, go to the settings section on your iPhone, and look for the option called “Accessibility”. You will see a menu option for “Display & Text Size”, where you can increase the size of the text by moving the slider at the bottom of your screen.

The Final Verdict 

Smartphones and tablets are the perfect sources of keeping seniors busy and entertained. With so many applications and games available on the play store and IOS store, seniors can easily pass their time and promote their brain health. 

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In the above write-up, we have focused on the most popular and best free game apps for seniors available online. You can download all the above apps on your smartphones or tablets to entertain seniors and enhance their cognitive health. All the above games are easy and interesting to play.